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About Happy Threads

Harnessing their inner strengths, the Supermoms (the makers) strive to overcome economic hardships with an uncanny ability to work with their hands and create works of art. Taking up an intrinsic part of their culture, a craft they grew up with, each woman weaves an exquisitely handcrafted piece of art which carries with it a story, a hope, and a dream fulfilled.

These Bohra women, highly skilled in the art of weaving topis and laces to adorn their handkerchiefs, prayer mats, and brightly coloured ridas (a traditional garment consisting of a loose flowing top with a headscarf and skirt worn by Bohra women), adapt their skill to create the contemporary urban products that you see on our website. These master craftswomen can adapt almost any design or form to create a crocheted masterpiece.

The artisans weave their craft in various cities of India: Banswara, Neemuch, Ankleshwar, Ghogha, Galiakot, Bhopal, Ratlam, Dohad, Surat, Mumbai, Pune, Madras, Barnagar, Indore, and Bangalore to name a few. They work in small groups, in homes or community halls, working on specific designs and experimenting with new products. Some of these groups help train their fellow ladies in technique and design. The merchandise is then sent to the headquarters in Surat, where women assemble in a community hall, and following strict quality control guidelines sort and package the finished products professionally before they are sent to international markets.

The SuperMoms

Scores of women live under economic hardship in far-flung areas of India in our community today. These women toil each day to keep their families afloat, working tirelessly to make ends meet. Some have school fees to pay; some have rent; some strive to put food on the table. In spite of their hardship, these women are indefatigable in their desire to overcome their adversity, to better their’s and their family’s lives. It is these women’s stories that became a catalyst for change.

Happy Threads by SuperMoms started as an initiative to make a change. It became a movement to better these women’s lives. It has flourished into an organization that can now make a difference.

A community-driven charitable project initiated to uplift and improve the lives of skilled, talented women across rural India, we are a nonprofit organization (a subsidiary of Supermoms4u Foundation), spearheading a movement throughout India to empower women, revive craft and spread happiness.


With just a needle and a ball of yarn, these women have the ability to create any product through crochet—from hair accessories, scarves, and tote bags, to stationary, key holders, and wall hangings, to watermelon coasters, minion keychains, and smiley bookmarks, they make it all! Browse through our website for the vast array these artisans have produced. Additionally, these items can be customized to tailor your needs.


Happy Threads has united women from different villages, towns, and cities of India guiding them in design, quality control, packaging, and production. Over 5000 women have found employment and increased their daily earning from an average $1 a day to $10 a day. Their crafts are not only shipped to urban cities in India where they are sold and displayed in various exhibitions but have also rapidly reached an international audience, exhibited in arts & crafts fairs in cities in the US.

These chic accessories represent more than just knots. They hold in their threads symbols of empowerment and progress. This initiative had rejuvenated lives and manifested in real-world benefits to raise the economic, educational, and social standards of these women and their families.

Allow these individuals to inspire you and become part of the Happy Threads global upliftment endeavor. The payback is infinite. Join us.

We love you for making a difference!
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